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( Brine for BBQs )
Vegetarian Recipe
This simple mixture is one of the staple flavourings for Greek barbecueing. It can be used for all meats as it has a way of bringing out, and not masking, the flavour of the meat.

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Lemonolatho Ingredients
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1/2 Cup Lemon ( (Juice) )   Preferably fresh squeezed. 
1/2 Cup Oil ( Olive )    
3 Pinch Oregano   Or to taste. 
Lemonolatho Directions
Mix or shake the lemon juice and olive oil together.

Add the organo and mix or shake until the mixture is uniform.

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That tasty barbecued pork chop that I'm craving right now. Unless it's lent, you'll be hard-pressed to find a taverna or grill that does not have this on the menu.

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