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( Garlic Dip )
Vegetarian Recipe

Servings: 4

Credits: Eat Greek Tonight

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Skorthalia Ingredients
Order Quantity Ingredient Alternative Notes
5 Clove Garlic   Crushed 
6 oz Oil ( Olive )    
1-2 Pinch Pepper   To Taste 
1.10 lb Potatoes   Peeled and Boiled 
2-3 Pinch Salt   To Taste 
2-3 Tablespoon Vinegar ( Red Wine )    
Skorthalia Directions
Mash the boiled potatoes into a fine puree.

In a Mortar, grind the garlic with a little salt and a little oil until creamy.

Gradually add the potatoes, oil, vinegar and seasonings, stirring continuously.

Serve cold with fried fish or boiled vegetables.

Skorthalia Related Recipes
The traditional meal served on March 25, when Greece was liberated from the Turkish occupation in 1821. Also on October 28, when Prime Minister Metaxa refused to join the Axis before World War II. The fillets are dried and cured with coarse sea salt.


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