A fun site for anyone interested in learning how to get started with Indian Cuisine and would like to learn more about the Indian Culture. You will find fun things to explore and do so take your time and browse through the many Channels. We hope you enjoy the site.

Kieto's Daily Recipe
In the Kitchen, you will find all types of wonderful recipes. There's low-fat recipes, low-carb recipes, recipes for diabetics as well tips for food safety and preparation. There's meat, seafood, food and coffee FAQ's as well as more tips for the kitchen. And if you cook for your pet sometimes, there are some fun recipes for your pet friend that they may enjoy.

Land Of The Gods
Land of the Gods Voyages, Inc. has selectively developed a variety of packages to Greece and the Greek islands, Turkey, Egypt, Israel and Jordan for you to choose from. Or, you can let our knowledgeable staff customize a personal itinerary for you. Whatever you choose, the staff of our Vancouver and Athens offices will do everything possible to ensure you have the vacation of a lifetime!

Spices For All
Spices are in a separate category in the world of consumer products, spices are used mostly for flavoring food. Actually, during and after the middle ages explorers such as Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus looked for establishing routes to trading ports in areas which are spice-growing regions. In those days spices were a crucial commodity for national economies, and whoever grew the most spices controlled the market.

Mexican Food Info
The Mexican cuisine is well known for its daring, tangy flavor, decoration and the variety of spices that are added to each meal. Mexican gastronomy is one of the richest in the world, rich with proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Italian Food Info
The Italian cuisine is one of the most varied Cuisines. Italy was unified in1861, and the Italian Cuisine was reflected by the cultural variety of the regions in italy and by the Italian history, which was influenced from Greek, Roman, Norman and Arab civilizations. The Italian cuisine is considered as a prime example for a 'perfecto' cuisine, and is imitated all over the world.

Chinese Food Info
Chinese food, is a unique, tasty and very common cuisine which usually consists of two main ingredients. The first being a carbohydrate source such as rice or noodles. The second component that is used in chinese food can be vegetables, fish or meat. Unlike meals from the west that usually consists of a meat as the main dish, in chinese food meat is not the main dish.

Cooking Spot
Cooking Spot is the place for finding the best recipes on the web. We offer top quality crock pot recipes and many other free recipes online.

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Christian Chefs Fellowship
elcome to Christian Chefs Fellowship - helping cooks and chefs grow closer to Jesus and each other through fellowship! Join us to allow God to minister to you personally as well as to grow you in the industry He has called you into.

Les Kincaid
Here's hoping you'll find this web site to be full of information, fun and helpful tips. Many people "eat to live" and most others "live to eat." I simply prefer the choice of "live to eat." And, of course, a glass or two of wine with each dinner meal.

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