About EatGreekTonight

EatGreekTonight was founded in the early days of the internet, circa 1995, in Vancouver, British Columbia. The founder handed the site over to the current owner in 1997. At that time, the original version was not database driven. It became cumbersome to do updates and it was not at all interactive.

In the early 2000s, still in Vancouver, the new build became a smarter website with dynamic content and more appealing graphics. This made for maintenance of the site easier, updates more regular and a better user experience. Version 2 allowed for users to upload recipes and photos and search for recipes. This is when the first push for more recipes took shape. Unfortunately, abuse of the recipe and photo uploads needed some rethinking as to how to get legitimate user content.

In January 2010, the abbreviated Version 3 was launched from Santorini, Greece. The development started, in Athens, in 2007. A lot of things had to be considered and before being built and implemented. No longer hosting with a long time friend, the site needed to be economically viable. It was decided the recipes will remain free to view, but, in the months to come, there will be sections with e-commerce to  subsidize the development costs. There will be a store in place that will allow members to sell their Greek related products. EatGreekTonight is currently seeking suppliers of such goods.

Since the move to Greece, more recipes, photos and stories have been stored for future content. In the months to come, all users of EatGreekTonight will be the benefiaciaries of this new location.